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  • Corporate or Operational Audits
  • Market Research
  • Top-team brainstorm facilitation
  • Development of strategy and activity planning

Corporate or Operational Audits - When it comes to strategic challenges, our approach is to first conduct an in-depth Audit. Basically this involves a systematic and coordinated review of the status quo in areas needing attention whether Marketing, Sales, Trade, Distribution, Organizational Structure or Operational Processes. Often, the audit may include hypothetical issues and how these, on evaluation, can be addressed.

Market Research - Based on the results of our Audit, an additional study may be required in areas where there is a lack of critical data. Besides providing an unbiased view of the situation, research can confirm the hypothesis laid out within the Audit or provide new insights on critical issues that require change. Quite often, research results indicate new ways of tracking Key Performance Indicators (e.g. brand health, trade satisfaction, personnel empathy and other less obvious problems)

Top-team Brainstorm - We are strong believers that a properly organized Top-team brainstorming session is an extremely important Management tool that often reveals hidden potential within a company, makes top team members click and better understand issues; sometimes even obscure and remote issues. At consulting integrated. we help structure and moderate such sessions, thereby leading the Team towards new ideas and integrating these to improve Company performance.

Strategy Development and Yearly Activity Planning - Findings from the audit, research and brainstorms are then integrated with our own analysis and ideas to arrive at a Strategy document which, when approved, leads to Activity planning and Resource allocation. We provide both corporate business development strategies, as well as dedicated operational policies and plans: Product Launches, New Market Entries, Brand Identities, Trade Marketing, Sales, Distribution or Organizational Structures. Once we have an agreed Strategy, we normally develop Activity Planning Tools for executives to follow while implementing the Strategic decisions throughout the year. Alternatively (as in cases of new market entry or limited company resources) we can provide on-going operational representation in the form of outsourced Marketing, Trade Marketing, Sales and Distribution services to augment departments thus fulfilling executive roles in line with developed and agreed Strategies.