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When we founded the firm, we set ourselves the following 3 goals:

1. To provide small and medium enterprises with integrated consultancy to help increase the quality of their businesses

Company owners and management teams reach a moment of truth when they feel that their “baby” needs an upgrade to be more agile, faster and competitive – this is where we can help.

2. To help companies assess opportunities for a more effectively approach to market change or to enter new markets.

While realizing that each country, European or post-USSR, has its own specific nuance, we use local insights to successfully integrate their business strengths to deal with new market forces

3. To help Clients discover the true value of “outside knowledge and experience” – in other words more objectivity

Engaging professional consultants enables Clients to take a fresh look at business issues and help them make more effective decisions. The scope for such cooperation, particularly in developing economies, knows no limits.